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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 14, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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said he is representing frederick. the agent who received the complaint from jill kelley that complaint within several months lead to the resaignatio resignad petreaus. >> good evening. we begin tonight looking for facts not offering opinions or trying to play favorites. our goal is real reporting. finding the truth, the facts. tonight the focus on what played out in washington today. two foes back at it again. senator mccain has maintained either white house negligence or a cover up.
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he would try to block any effort to promote ms. rice to secretary of state should hillary clinton resign. >> if senator mccain and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. and i'm happy to have that discussion with them. but for them to go after the un ambassador, who had nothing to do with agabenghazi and was mak a presentation based on intelligence that she had received and to go after her reputation is outrageous. >> senator mccain heard that remark and took to the floor of the sen sat to respond. mr. president, four brave americans died. it has now been eight weeks and
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the american people have received nothing but contradick tri statements from all levels of our government. this administration has either been guilty of incompetence or engaged in a cover up neither of which is acceptable to the american people. >> there are still serious unanswered questions about the timeline of events. remarks in the days and weeks that followed. specifically, why didn't the president call it an act of terrorism the president said it was quote too early to know exactly how this came about. or on september 25th, the president said they were quote still doing an investigation.
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how the president described it five days after the attacks. >> putting together our assessment is that what happened was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction almost a copy cat demonstration against our facility in cairo. >> that turned out to be wrong. some question senator mccain is asking that he might get answers to this. as for holding up ms. rice's nomination of secretary of state over this. key people in washington are tripped up on false intelligence in the past. people like condoleeza rice. >> it is time to stop the deceit and time to stop trying to
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deceive the world, and to offer up his weapons of mass destruction so that he can be disarmed. >> not about a data point here or there but about what he is doing. right up until the end, sadam hussain continued to harbor weapons of mass destruction and hide his illegal nuclear weapon activity. he went onto become the secretary of state. >> back then she was supported despite the fact that she fell for bad intelligence. >> she is a great american success story. this is what america is all about. a young woman who through up
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where americans were not treated equally. we should have been celebrating i believe this remarkable american success story. also, i thought that some of the remarks, aimed at her during her hearings challenged her integ are the. we can disagree on a lot of thing things i think she is a person of integ are the. i see this lingering bitterness over a tough campaign. i hope it dissipates soon. >> senator john mccain joins me now. you said you are going to block susan rice's nomination if president obama nominates her. her supporters say she was repeating the assessment she had been given about the benghazi attack. a spokesperson confirmed that they confirmed the attack and
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later the assessment changed do you not believe that? >> well first of all, talking points came from the white house not from the dmi. it was obvious within the 24 hours that the station chief from the cia had said that this was a terrorist attack. it was obvious to one and all that this was not a quote spontaneous demonstration because in realtime, they saw that there was no demonstration. ms. rise, i hope, saw ambassador rise, i hope, saw when i was on "face the nation" that immediately after she spoke, the head of the national assembly said it was an al qaeda attack. every one new that. and she continued to tell the world through all the talkshows that, that it was a quote spontaneous demonstration sparked by a video. that is not competence in ny
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view. and i think that she should have known and she has never yet at this point declared that she was wrong. and the president is the one who is ultimately responsible, but that is not an acceptable person in my view to be secretary of state. >> the dmi seems to be backing her up saying we desemnated the intelligence to members of ago. do you think they are falling on their source? do you think they were wrong and gave out faulty inintelligence? >> the other cia station chief within 24 hours said it was an al qaeda affiliated attack. didn't she have that information? the white house gave the talking points the president in credibility over two weeks later continued to call this a
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spontaneous demonstration that sparked this attack which by then, he must have known was totally false. there are a lot of things wrong here and she is part of it. she gave deceptive information to the american people when there was clearly other information that affirmed that this was a terrorist attack. >> supporters of ms. rise compare her comments to ms. rice back in 2002 when she made a case for the iraq war. that intelligence was inco snxi. when she spoke out, she was said to be a success story. they say there is a double st
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standa standard. the fact is four americans died and there was overwhelming evidence. and clearly there was an attack that didn't need to happen. there were advance warnings that were sent and they said they could not guarantee that they could defend the consulate. and there were many warnings and there were previous attacks. all of that goes to the state department and to this administration and our ambassador. raises the question, what was she doing out there anyway. so the american people were given false information when there was clearly information to counter that. people don't go to spontaneous demonstrations with mortars and
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rocket-propelled grenades. >> because thousands were killed in the war in iraq and yet republicans did not hold her accountable for misleading statements in the run up to the war when she was being nominated for secretary of state. i respect that but think these are two entirely different cases >> if somebody wants to make that case, and tell the american people that it was okay to tell the american people that this was a spontaneous demonstration. they are entitled to that view. i'm entitled to my role and my advice and consent and my obligation is that i will not vote and agree to her appointment to secretary of state. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me on.
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>> all right digging deeper now. let's bring in our political analysts. you have covered senator mccain for years. what do you make of this? is there something personal or critical going on here? >> i have been half joking all day here. 2008 is calling and it wants it's presidential campaign back. you can see and hear in their expressions and the tones of their voices that there was a lot going on there between the two that is probably not resolved from their battle. so in that case, it is personal and political. i think it is personal in another way and that is that he knew ambassador stephens quite well and he feels this need to aventh his death and to make it right. he is on a mission that is personal and it is also
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political in another way and you heard from republicans during the presidential campaign. they were frustrated that mitt romney didn't talk about this enough. i talked to republicans who admit that they were trying to make it an issue now. >> yeah, he really pushed back on john mccain and lind say graham and called it outragious he said if you have a problem take it up with me. i think he was very testy today. and what he was doing was saying okay you want to make this an issue buddy, dare me to nominate her. it sounded to me, reading between the lines. it is something that he is interested in doing. this is a political fight that is not going to go away. i think one thing that struck me
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is that the president talked about going after her because she is quote an easy target. what does that mean? is it because she is a woman and is the only one out there using the information that she had? it is interesting to me. i'm not quite sure what the president is talking about. >> there is still so many thing that is we don't know. is it surprising that they are going after secretary of state rice and not clinton? >> no, i don't. right now, they favor john kerry as the next secretary of state. they work well with him and think he has the experience. i don't think it has to do with her womanhood. beyond that, this is shaping up as a nasty fight. it could get quite personal.
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and i think everybody has an interest and sort of we just had an election and we are trying to create a bipartisanship in washington. and i think she may have to do some private rounds and that would help a lot. >> a lot of talk about the impending fiscal cliff. did you hear anything from the president that sounded like a compromise that would work? >> not today. this is a president who clearly feels that he has got a lot of leverage now. i heard that in the president today. and what he was doing was -- and dan i can talk more about this, calling the republican bluff.
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saying one thing that we all agree on is extending the tax cuts for the middle class. they believe that if they were to do that, they would lose their leverage but the president was saying okay guys, let's do this and then we'll move onto the second step of the process. and i agree with david. i'm not saying they are picking on susan rice because she is a woman. but i do think these things are heating up so quickly that they better not get backed into corners that they can't get backed out of. >> the truth of the matter is that they have to have this meeting. they have to sit down and discuss things where the cameras aren't there. >> however, we know from history with this president and these congressional leaders that most of the real work is going to get
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done on the phone with the house speaker and the president and their aids. so that is the reality this is an opening gambit and probably not much more. i talked to a good source here asking do you think if she is nominated you do overcome a filibuster and the answer was yes. if anybody wanted to watch two old white guys beat up on a black woman i'll sell tickets to that. there is politics all around here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, let us know what you think about this. i'm tweeting about this already. up next why did the justice department keep the president in the dark about the petreaus scandal. plus the investigation of paula broadwell the mistress who led to the investigation.
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another keeping them honest report tonight, why was president obama kept ein the dak about the affair with paula broadwell until after the election. that information was never passed until months later. the director of the cia was having an extra marital affair and communicating with his mistress in an unsecured e-mail amount. he was asked about the investigation today during the news conference. >> i am with holding judgement with respect to how the entire process surrounding general petraeus came up. and you know we don't have all
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the information yet. but, i want to say that i have a lot of confidence generally in the fbi and they have a difficult job. and so, i'm going to wait and see -- >> well the white house says there are protocols that is the word they use when notifying the white house about criminal investigations. turns out there is a 2007 memo by the ten attorney general about sush investigatich invest. now it goes onto say it is critically important to have free quent and expeditious communications about issues. yet the white house said the president didn't know about the
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affair until after the election. fran, you have been talking to your sources. what have you learned? >> what is interesting, what we understand is that paula broadwell had consented to this search of her home. but they agreed to get a search warrant and went ahead and executed that. we understand from law enforcement officials that they are reviewing those documents they say that the classified material is not substantial that they have seen and two, while it may be a technical violation it is not egregious. the law enforcement official told me that they don't expect that there will be a prosecution related to the unauthorized release of classified information. they expect to wrap up in the
8:23 pm
coming days and may want to do a final interview of paula broad well and it is the justice department's decision whether or not to issue a decline to prosecute. >> so, all of this talk about who may or may not have had classified information. if it inteturns out that no law were broken was all of this just over an affair and jealous e-mails? >> yes, if you look at the timeline of events general petraeus had met with the fbi. it was obvious to them that they knew about the affair. he met with his boss, the director of the national intelligence who advised him to submit his letter of resignation. he was not accused of wrong
8:24 pm
doing or giving out classified information. there was never a serious charge against him. so it was his decision. and the letter that he issued he made very clear. i have made mistakes and i have failed my family and i have failed you. >> a lot of people are baffled that the president didn't find out about the affair until long after the justice department did. is there more clarity tonight about why he didn't know sooner? you point out to a memo that might ha might have might have in sight. >> the fbi director and his senior team brief the attorneyy general and their team and
8:25 pm
discuss what out to be briefed to the white house. this was one of those cases. it was in fact briefed to the attorney general with the idea that it would be passed onto the white house consistent with the memo you read at the top of the segment. over to the white house counsel and clearly that didn't happen. when the president talked about the fbi has a protocol. they followed it but clearly it didn't make its way up to the president. still questions about why this investigation began whether it was appropriate for the fbi to investigate this. fran townsend, appreciate it. there is new information on jill kelley and her husband scott. they started a charity and
8:26 pm
dissolved it later. >> drew joins me, what have you learned? >> another twisted part of this tale. as jill kelley was entertaining top military brass in her backyard she and her husband were battling a bank and court because the documents show the red brick house that we have been showing purchased in 2004 for $1.5 million four years later the bank files to foreclose on the kelly's because the bank says they hadn't sent in a mortgage payment since september 2009. the kellkelleys show they are n other lawsuits involving money and the kelley family.
8:27 pm
>> what about the charity? >> it was called the dr. kelley cancer foundation. it was to conduct research and efforts of term ali ill patients. it spent the same amount on expenses and no record of cancer research and record of care for patients. resources said the matching amounts in a charity's first year are very unusual. more than $8,000 on automobile expenses. dues and subscriptions $6700 the charity lifted $58,000 spent on program services we don't know what it was and we have no idea
8:28 pm
how the charity raised $157,000 in the first place. it was dissolved in 2007 and it never did register with the state of florida. but it retains it's 501 c status right now with the irs. >> it seems like every charity that you look into, it is amazing to me. any reaction on this from the kelleys? >> we had a source close to them that said she didn't have enough information to respond. and we reached out to the accounting firm that prepared the documents and they had nothing to say. >> president obama, just ahead a county where he just got five votes. just ahead. ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms.
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development in the murder of the six-year-old boy who vanished while walking to school in 1979 just ahead.
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a corner of the country is the most anti-obama place in the united states. he most certainly didn't win over every voter. there are millions of folks who have worked so hard to help us get elected but there are millions who may not have voted for us but are counting on us. and we take that responsibility very seriously. >> some of the people live in king county, texas. home to 255 people more than half of them are female and white and don't like president obama. here is gary tuckman. >> reporter: what do you think of barack obama's first term? >> ain't worth a darn.
8:34 pm
>> not good at all. >> reporter: a sentiment that was common here during his first run for president. here in rural king county, texas only 4% of them chose him in 2008 the lowest for any county in the country. >> reporter: if you could tell him to do one thing what would you tell him? >> to resign. >> reporter: what advice would you give him for the second term? >> retire. >> reporter: king county at home to barack obama's lowest vote percentage but also the county where he received the lowest total votes. here he received five votes. that is right just five votes. the population is small. but mitt romney winning 139-5
8:35 pm
made this the president obama worst showing in the u.s. we went to the girl's basketball game. asked mitt romney voters why there was such distaste with barack obama's presidency? >> i thought he sounded like a d disdictator. >> anytime anything goes wrong, he blames it on bush. now it is his fault. >> in 2009, we spent time here. and we met charlotte mccally who told us -- >> i asked god that he would help him truly connect with him so that he would know what god's heart was for the united states of america. >> and this is her today at the women's club meeting. >> reporter: you told us that you hope the lord would help
8:36 pm
barack obama. >> it doesn't appear so. >> reporter: what bothered you the most about what he did during the first term? >> not being honest with us about where he was born and just different things like that. and to me, he seems dishonest. >> reporter: he says he was born in hawaii and i'm wondering if you have heard that, why don't you believe that? >> i don't believe anything he says. >> reporter: there are people that still don't believe the president about the county of his birth and question his faith. president obama is a practicing christian but here bought doubt persist. >> i think he is a muslim. and that affected my decision whether to vote for him or not. >> reporter: back at the basketball game it was notable that there were more people working at the concession stand
8:37 pm
that those who voted for barack obama. all we can tell you is that the barack obama is somewhere indeed in this shot of the crowd. he did not feel comfortable going public. guthrie, texas. >> ahead on 360 is the mid east ready to explode? israel has opened the dpats of hell. >> anderson europeans in at least seven countries took to the streets today to protest measures that are forcing steep budget cuts. protesting in spain turned violent. court appearance tomorrow for the man accused of murdering etan paetz.
8:38 pm
today the man was officially indicted. police say he officially confessed to the murder. >> police want to make the system official and warn drivers about impending hazards. >> and this was visible this morning in australia. it happened when the moon passes in front of the sun. australia will not see another one for nearly 400 years. >> the military chief of ha maz has been killed. defense forced posted video of at the attack on youtube. also fight egg twittfighting a twitter war. all of that ahead. [ female announcer ] fight 7 signs of aging flawlessly.
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israel has launched a major air assault on dpgaza and is leaving the door open to a another assault. this time the forces are live blogging and tweeting the whole thing. take a look. this man was killed in today's first strike. the idf posted this video on youtube which shows the attack he was riding in the car circled in yellow. the strike that killed him was launched in an attack launched over eight hours. hamas has retaliated warning that israel has quote opened the
8:44 pm
gates of hell on itself. the state department issued a statement condemning the attack. i talked about his earlier with sara seidner and david kirk patrick of the "new york times." >> what is the latest on the fallout? >> what we are seeing are more rockets coming into israel. there have been dozens of air strikes as well since the killing of the leader of the hamas military wing. but he is one of the founders of hamas. how the government there israel is also telling us. and we have heard this from the military spokesperson and they are considering a ground war and
8:45 pm
have not given the go ahead for that. they are preparing but they are firing from the air. and we know that they have been firing from the sea. their ships anchored off of the sea there firing into gaza and according to residents there, that we spoke with, they say it seemed as if it was raining bombs in gaza. you can see the firing there. there is real concern here that there will be a full-scale war something like you saw in 2008 during the operation the cast led >> they said quote we recommend no hamas operatives show their faces above ground. do you think this renewed violence is the beginning of a much bigger conflict? >> i think at this point it is very hard to know. i'm in cairo right now.
8:46 pm
what is striking from this point of view, this is the moment we have been waiting for. here we have been waiting for a moment when a crisis would come again. how will this government respond. this is a government of the muslim brotherhood and they are kin with hamas and there been supportive of hamas for years. they can get this country back on track. i think how he egypt plays it's cards is going to play a big role on the territory. with egypt at the back hamas will go all out. if they are telling hamas we are have the brother hood. and we have to find a way out of this with stabbility in tact that is going to be a different
8:47 pm
outcome. >> i think there is no question it was justified. the attacks, they had gone crazy in terms of the scope and intensity. the problem is that the people there, they have a tactical approach here. they are hitting back and have been trying to do this. israel has invaded gaza and these are tactical moves and they succeed. but what is the strategy to deal with gaza? how does this help and how does it play out with the regional strategy? so, i think there is no question it is just fied, the question is, is it smart? is. >> there is real concern and if you don't have cooperation, ultimately you can't control
8:48 pm
gaza. this undermines the authority and probably is going to undermine the un path which it might like because it shows that the palestinians are divided. we spoke to the prime minister. how big should this be for the us? the administration said it has israel's back. >> i think this is a major concern for the us. like it or not. the us is tied toe the israel in the minds of muslim's around the world. whatever happens is going to have repercussions in afghanistan and in the streets of egypt. >> and obviously, there are questions between israel and turkey. >> it will be interesting to see how tokyo reacts.
8:49 pm
the original issue between turkey and israel was over gas spa gaza. will the prime minister try to use this to use domestic support at home? >> a nanny accused of killing two children, and now that nanny has been indicted, the charges when we continue. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. the rich, sweet taste of sugar. nothing artificial. ♪ it's all that sweet ever needs to be. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. [ gordon ] for some this line is a convenience.
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let's check up on another stories we are following. >> according to reports, former gop nominee, mitt romney is blaming this loss on gifts to my norities and voters saying they were quote very generous. a jury has indicted new york nanny on first and second degree murder charges. the children's mother found them stabbed to death in the bathtub. >> skype says it fixed problem but a small number of users may
8:54 pm
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just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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time now for the ridiculous. dude, maybe getting that mitt romney tattoo on your face wasn't the best idea you ever
8:58 pm
had. he got the tattoo before the election. but now after mitt romney's defeat, he ha no regrets. >> i had it tattooed because it was something i believe in. i love it. i would do it all overen in a heartbeat. >> eric put some of his face up forbid on ebay and said he would get whatever the highest bidder would get. then he approached the local republican in his town. t the party candidate stepped up and said hey, i'll give you 15 g's and do something tasteful. >> yes, he did say 15 good's.
8:59 pm
somebody paid that guy $15,000 to get that. how much would you get for your face tattoo. nothing right? >> not everyone he hassen to es encountered has appreciated the tattoo. >> if rom ney wins, i'll get yor face tatude on my butt. >> he is par laying his face tattoo in aa stardom. >> have you considered morphing it into something else? >> absolutely not. >> no. >> how long will you keep the a tatt tattoo? >> for the rest of my life. >> the tattoo is there forever. memories of a guy armed with no


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